The Iconic has a new leader

Patrick Schmidt has been appointed by Rocket Internet as the new CEO of The Iconic.

Patrick Schmidt comes from a fine pedigree with his previous role being the head of Groupon in Latin America where he was responsible for over 2000 staff. The Iconic on the other hand, has only 250 in staff, but will still be quite a challenge for Schmidt.

Schmidt’s goal at The Iconic is to turn around the company and make it a profitable business. The company has struggled to become profitable after embarking on a expensive start-up program. The company was launched in August 2011 and in that time has made a loss in the vicinity of 44 million dollars with much of that being attributed to wages and marketing.

The company has achieved amazing growth in that time and has become somewhat of a household name with online clothes shopping. It has achieved it’s goal of brand awareness but the pressure is now to convert that into sales without the costs it has had previously. The company’s costs were attributed mostly to it’s free returns and free delivery policy. It also achieved less margin because they offered consumers a The Iconic discount code to use with their purchase.


Ezibuy is snapped up

One of the oldest and established clothing and homewares retailers in Australia and New Zealand, EziBuy, has been snapped up by Woolworths.

EziBuy has been around since 1978 and was founded by two brothers, Gerard and Peter Gillespie, who had a store in New Zealand. Since then, the company has gone through a number of re-incarnations and has worked its way through the changes in consumer behaviour and technology to be where it is today. The company now achieves it’s sales through all mediums including including catalogues, where it started, as well as via the internet and call centres. For a Ezibuy discount code see here.

The company achieves most of it’s sales through Australia however does still achieve about 30% off it’s sales in New Zealand. EziBuy has a number of it’s own in house brands but is also a distributor for other brands.

The deal with Woolworths is seen as a big coo for Woolworths who are looking for growth in other areas as growth in grocery is slowing.



BooHoo expanding it’s Australian presence

BooHoo have started to take real foothold into the Australian market. Despite the relatively small size of Australian market, the big international retailers are trying to win the local market. Although Australia is a small market, it does have a huge capacity to spend.

Relative to other economies such as Europe and the US, Australia has performed phenomenally well and Australian’s have continued to spend money on goods.

Companies such as ASOS and BooHoo have slowly made good progress in making a name for themselves in this country. Boohoo in particular have started to make a real push into the Australian market with a large amount of TV advertising and BooHoo coupon advertising online.

The story of how BooHoo has got to where it is today is an interesting one. The company was only started seven years ago and in that time has become one of the most powerful forces in online clothing sales globally. The company now matches the performances of Topshop and ASOS.



The Iconic has a new leader

The Iconic has announced that it has appointed a new CEO in Patrick Schmidt. The company has gone through some tough times in the press over the last six months with lots of talk of the company’s demise due to excessive discounting and high customer acquisition costs.

The Iconic has had to shed dozens of staff as well over the past few months with the company attributing it to a natural phase in their growth.

New CEO Patrick Schmidt has plenty of experience in online retail. He used to be the head of Groupon Australia as well as Groupon Latin America where he was responsible for over 2000 staff. He joins after previous CEO and co-founder of The Iconic, Finn Haensel left the company last month.

Schmidt joins at a time where the company is looking to consolidate it’s position in the market and work towards a profitable position. It’s growth has been exponential in the past couple of years and has come at a cost of profit.


ASOS pushing Primark products

ASOS trialled sales of the fashion brand Primark and sales have been impressive enough for ASOS to now look at doubling the number of Primark products it sells. Currently the number of Primark products stocked by ASOS is 70 however this will increase to 140 in a short amount of time. This still remains a small number of products compared to the number of products stocked by ASOS which is upwards of 60,000.

Primark is a surprise choice for ASOS to be selling. In the UK where Primark is based, the brand is known for great value, low priced products which are usually staples.

ASOS has been looking for areas of expansion to maintain a blistering pace of profit growth. In May, the company reported a rise in sales of nearly 50 percent for the quarter. This is an amazing profit growth considering the bleak picture of retail at the moment.

In the UK the company has achieved a strong growth compared to previous quarters as ASOS has now started to refocus on their local market after years of expansion overseas. Growth domestically has nearly matched that of overseas markets.

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Personlised books from Identity Direct

One of the most special things you can purchase for your child is a personalised book. Personalised books allow your child to immerse themselves fully into the story and get really involved in it.

The appeal of personalised books has not been lost on Identity Direct, who are one of the largest personalised labels and books provider in the world. The company has expanded their range to now offer a huge range of personalised books and stories that include characters from leading brands such as Disney, Sesame Street and Nickelodean.

The technology behind these books are getting more advanced with customers able to upload a picture of their child and allowing them to appear in the story as well! The books are printed and sent with beautiful, quality pictures and stories.

Identity Direct is the worlds leading provider of customised books and have been doing it for over 20 years. If you’re looking for something special for your child then visit Identity Direct. If you want free shipping on your purchase then get a Identity Direct coupon here.



Amaysim stepping up after Kogan crash

The failure of Kogan mobile has become a godsend for other resellers such as Amaysim. When Kogan Mobile entered the market less than a year ago, it instantly became a hit with it’s unbelievably low prices and great inclusions.

Kogan quickly grabbed market share from everyone including the network it was reselling, Telstra. The company was instantly a thorn in the side of all involved in the low cost market.

Attracting so many customers through slashing prices was never going to make Kogan popular with other telco companies and it this all culminated in Telstra terminating the contract of Kogan’s wholesaler, ISP One. This meant that Kogan no longer had a service to provide and it had to let all it’s customers know they had to switch or lose their number.

Companies such as Amaysim who have bled customers to Kogan were one of the beneficiaries of the mass exodus out. Many users are now heading back to customers like Amaysim where they have a long proven business plan with sustainable good prices.

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The amazing Fujifilm X100S

Fuji has not been a company that has produced popular digital cameras recently but that could all change with the release of it’s latest point and shoot camera, the X100S.

The point and shoot market is an extremely competitive one with so many cameras available with pretty much the same sorts of features. The X100S has been able to stand out however, with it’s sexy retro design and great features.The camera looks like it’s been tucked away in your grandpas drawer for the past 30 years with it’s design but that’s where the similarities end.

The camera has fast lens which measures f/2 and the camera is full frame equivalent with it’s 35mm field of view. The sensor on the camera is an amazing 16 megapixels x-trans CMOS. These combinations of features results in an amazing result in your photos.

The only real negative aspect of the camera is that it’s a little bit heavy considering it’s small size.

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Industry watchdog keeping an eye on alcohol sellers expansion

Alcohol consumption is becoming a bigger and bigger concern for government agencies and health care professionals in general. The social issue has seen the attention being placed on the trading practices of pubs and clubs over the past few years and many governments trying to tighten the reins of binge drinking.

Now the industry watchdog has decided to take a look at the problem of an excessive saturation of liquor stores in the community.This focus puts it directly up against industry giant Woolworths. Woolworths is obviously achieving a great return on it’s investment in liquor stores as the company opened up more liquor stores last year than it did supermarkets.

The concern that the watchdog is noticing is that consumers then to load up on alcohol before they head out for a night out effectively contributing to the same social issues caused by excessive consumers.

The retail outlets owned by Woolworths are BWS and Dan Murphys. Dan Murphy’s also has the most popular online store for liquor. For a Dan Murphy’s coupon, visit this site.

Wiggle growing faster

Online bike retailer Wiggle is looking to grow even further. Wiggle has become one of the biggest online bike retailers in the world and now has dedicated websites in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and it’s originating country, UK.

The growth of Wiggle has been nothing short of phenomenal. Wiggle has achieved it’s success with the help of the growing popularity in the sport of Cycling. Even during the last Tour de France won by Bradley Wiggins, Wiggle reported that they achieved an amazing tour inspired growth of 21 percent during the year.

Wiggle is owned by a private equity firm called Bridgepoint who announced that revenues at Wiggle has hit an impressive 141 million pounds last year. This huge figure is an improvement over the 115 million pounds during the same period in the previous year.

Most of the increase in revenue has come from the expansion that Wiggle is undertaking worldwide. The company has employed aggressive promotion methods by undercutting local companies with price match offers and offering consumers a Wiggle coupon for their online purchase.