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ASOS pushing Primark products

ASOS trialled sales of the fashion brand Primark and sales have been impressive enough for ASOS to now look at doubling the number of Primark products it sells. Currently the number of Primark products stocked by ASOS is 70 however this will increase to 140 in a short amount of time. This still remains a... Read More »

Personlised books from Identity Direct

One of the most special things you can purchase for your child is a personalised book. Personalised books allow your child to immerse themselves fully into the story and get really involved in it. The appeal of personalised books has not been lost on Identity Direct, who are one of the largest personalised labels and... Read More »

Amaysim stepping up after Kogan crash

The failure of Kogan mobile has become a godsend for other resellers such as Amaysim. When Kogan Mobile entered the market less than a year ago, it instantly became a hit with it’s unbelievably low prices and great inclusions. Kogan quickly grabbed market share from everyone including the network it was reselling, Telstra. The company... Read More »

The amazing Fujifilm X100S

Fuji has not been a company that has produced popular digital cameras recently but that could all change with the release of it’s latest point and shoot camera, the X100S. The point and shoot market is an extremely competitive one with so many cameras available with pretty much the same sorts of features. The X100S... Read More »

Industry watchdog keeping an eye on alcohol sellers expansion

Alcohol consumption is becoming a bigger and bigger concern for government agencies and health care professionals in general. The social issue has seen the attention being placed on the trading practices of pubs and clubs over the past few years and many governments trying to tighten the reins of binge drinking. Now the industry watchdog... Read More »

Wiggle growing faster

Online bike retailer Wiggle is looking to grow even further. Wiggle has become one of the biggest online bike retailers in the world and now has dedicated websites in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and it’s originating country, UK. The growth of Wiggle has been nothing short of phenomenal. Wiggle has achieved it’s success... Read More »