Amaysim stepping up after Kogan crash

The failure of Kogan mobile has become a godsend for other resellers such as Amaysim. When Kogan Mobile entered the market less than a year ago, it instantly became a hit with it’s unbelievably low prices and great inclusions.

Kogan quickly grabbed market share from everyone including the network it was reselling, Telstra. The company was instantly a thorn in the side of all involved in the low cost market.

Attracting so many customers through slashing prices was never going to make Kogan popular with other telco companies and it this all culminated in Telstra terminating the contract of Kogan’s wholesaler, ISP One. This meant that Kogan no longer had a service to provide and it had to let all it’s customers know they had to switch or lose their number.

Companies such as Amaysim who have bled customers to Kogan were one of the beneficiaries of the mass exodus out. Many users are now heading back to customers like Amaysim where they have a long proven business plan with sustainable good prices.

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