Industry watchdog keeping an eye on alcohol sellers expansion

Alcohol consumption is becoming a bigger and bigger concern for government agencies and health care professionals in general. The social issue has seen the attention being placed on the trading practices of pubs and clubs over the past few years and many governments trying to tighten the reins of binge drinking.

Now the industry watchdog has decided to take a look at the problem of an excessive saturation of liquor stores in the community.This focus puts it directly up against industry giant Woolworths. Woolworths is obviously achieving a great return on it’s investment in liquor stores as the company opened up more liquor stores last year than it did supermarkets.

The concern that the watchdog is noticing is that consumers then to load up on alcohol before they head out for a night out effectively contributing to the same social issues caused by excessive consumers.

The retail outlets owned by Woolworths are BWS and Dan Murphys. Dan Murphy’s also has the most popular online store for liquor. For a Dan Murphy’s coupon, visit this site.

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