The amazing Fujifilm X100S

Fuji has not been a company that has produced popular digital cameras recently but that could all change with the release of it’s latest point and shoot camera, the X100S.

The point and shoot market is an extremely competitive one with so many cameras available with pretty much the same sorts of features. The X100S has been able to stand out however, with it’s sexy retro design and great features.The camera looks like it’s been tucked away in your grandpas drawer for the past 30 years with it’s design but that’s where the similarities end.

The camera has fast lens which measures f/2 and the camera is full frame equivalent with it’s 35mm field of view. The sensor on the camera is an amazing 16 megapixels x-trans CMOS. These combinations of features results in an amazing result in your photos.

The only real negative aspect of the camera is that it’s a little bit heavy considering it’s small size.

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